Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

Harriet Van Horne

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And then there is the rest of us

I wonder exactly how many new food blogs start up every day. There has to be at least a dozen.

On they have compiled almost 2000 food blog links. And they have only just started. Type in food blog into google and you could spend hours sorting through the sites. Why you would do that, I'm not actually sure, but the law of averages says someone out there has. And you really can't argue with the law of averages, that's the same law that tells us we can become millionaires playing Roulette right? Unless of course we're playing the Russian version.

Sorting through some of the food blogs out there might give you a hankering for some Russian Roulette, and maybe a little beet borscht while your at it. It'd be a suiting last meal.

For every decent food blog there's 3-5 that are a waste of time. So many people start up 'food blogs' and fail to actually put anything about food in them. They talk about everything in their life, sometimes they might mention a meal they ate, but you won't find any recipes or any culinary tricks. These must be the people who figured food blogs were popular, and like every other loving parent they wanted their blog to be able to hang out with the other cool blogs.

Then there are the 5% of food blogs that have won award after award after award. These authors are amazingly talented cooks, very communicative and capturing, and most of these lucky buggers have published books, are on their way to publishing books, or have accumulated other forms of fame because of their blogs. The most perfect example of this would have to be The Amateur Gourmet .

If you haven't checked out this guys blog, than you are obviously a food blog virgin. You can't go anywhere in the food blog world without reading something about Adam Roberts, this guy is the Ryan Gosling of our world. Started off a little nerdy, but still adorable, and look at him now. (May I add that I was a fan of Mr. Gosling during his nerd years.)

Next in line for the food blog celebrity status is Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate & Zucchini .

Ms. Dusoulier fills the roll of Kiera Knightly. She's imported (Clotilde is from Paris) she's sweet, her words come across as earnest and open, and she doesn't skimp on the eye candy. In the food blogging world that means saliva stimulating close ups of all things edible.

To round out our little trio of food blog celebrities. I just now decided to stick to three, although I could keep making up comparisons that'd be almost as sad as going through all the goggled food blogs. Without further ado I give you number three: Miss. Molly from the U.S of A. Known to us as Orangette. And who will I draw a parallel to for our final entry? If Angelina Jolie cooked and sat down in front of a computer to write about it, I fancy this is what her blog would be like.

Orangette's quirky voice and sultry undertones convinces me that she'd be the type to carry a vial of red plasma around her neck. That would of course be the juices from a blood orange (lame culinary joke I know).

But now to the actual point of my blog (it's always best to leave that for last, no matter what all those professional writer say). There's the bottom 15-20?% of food blogs, there's the top 5%, and then there's the rest of us: The 75-80% of us (let me check to make sure I did that math correctly) that are neither horrible or destined for stardom.

We are the folks who love to cook, love to blog, and might not have the master culinary intuition, or the picture perfect photography skills, or even a timeless way with words. But god damn it we've got something too! The ability to ignore all of that.

I just thought about something. Having only just started this blog, I probably shouldn't assume that I fall into that category. Maybe I have actually got one all of my own: the .003% who no one will ever actually read, not even that one person who goes through all of the results on google.

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